You spin my head…

“You spin my head right round, right round!”

Has anyone else noticed that The Hangover has been on tv all the time the last couple of days? It’s just not the same with the cleaned up version.

Anyway, today I took a spin class at my local gym. Ever since I moved to a new area of Boston in September, I’ve been obsessed with spinning classes at my new gym. Taking at my university was complicated and cost extra cash. My new gym offers free classes as part of the monthly fee — score! I love cardio work outs and I’ve always wanted to try spinning. Spinning is great because it’s a lower impact workout that gives you the best endurance training you can get. As a runner, I’m always looking out for cross-training workouts that are more interesting than the elliptical machine. The music is always good and you always get a good sweat!

Normally I don’t take spin classes on Tuesday, but I have a crazy week so I had to change my schedule. I took the 45 minute class with an instructor that is NOT my favorite. She does a good job of working a mixture of hills, sprints, and jumps, but she’s just not great. I wanted to yell out in the middle of the class, “Stop wasting so much time drinking water in between songs! Let’s go!” But I didn’t — because that’s rude and weird. I decided to make a list of all the things that make a spin instructor amazing.

  1. A good spin instructor is a motivational speaker. My favorite spin instructors offer words of encouragement, coaching, and inspirational comments to make you want to push yourself even harder. An hour of spin is tough, but when you have someone telling you that every pain in your muscles is really you building a stronger body, you want to keep going.
  2. A good spin instructor plays AWESOME music. I like music with a beat that I can match my cadence with. I also like music that makes me want to dance.
  3. A good spin instructor doesn’t waste time. Taking a break in between songs to catch your breath, towel your sweaty face, and take a swig of water is important and necessary. A full minute of silence in between each song is not only awkward and annoying, but it’s not the best use of time.
  4. A good spin instructor teaches while motivating. I like instructors who kind of break down how doing a certain move or jump targets different muscles in the body. Exercise and education, all in one!
  5. A good spin instructor doesn’t leave you hanging. Don’t tell me what we’re going to do during the song and then not guide me along. I can’t remember how many jumps we’ll be doing and in what counts at whatever level of resistance. I’m no genius. Guide me.

My favorite spin instructors at the gym do all of these things. This girl just wasn’t cutting it for me tonight. I had to just grit my teeth and bare it. I did end up kinda doing my own thing sometimes in terms of levels of resistance. It was a good workout, but not the best.

Do you take any exercise classes at your gym? What makes a good instructor? Also love spin?