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Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was filled with round 1 of holiday parties. A work party+birthday/holiday party at my apartment=a lazy Sunday. I did procure a great white elephant gift on Saturday; peppermint schnapps and candy-cane shot glasses. Looks like I will have to break out the hot chocolate soon!

Sunday was spent on the couch with B and the New England Patriots. I napped 2 times and recovered from the weekend just in time to check 1 item off of my weekend to do list: go grocery shopping. Why does it seem EVERYONE goes grocery shopping on Sunday nights? Are they procrastinators like me?

Speaking of grocery shopping, I wanted to share my new favorite website with you guys. iHerb is an online grocery store of sorts which sells everything from vitamins & supplements, organic household items, and grocery items at a slight discount. I buy a lot of my nut butters from them because I find that my local Whole Foods isn’t always the best at restocking the shelves once things sell out. I can also get them on iHerb at about a $2 discount. It is small, but it’s helpful when on a budget. They ship very quickly, and if you place an order over $20, the shipping is also FREE!

Since I love iHerb, I wanted to share a special code with you guys if you wanted to try it. Enter in the code: “KEB710” when you place your first order, and receive $5 off your total order! That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I just placed an order today – there will soon be more nut butter in my life!

Until tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this site! Genius! Whole Foods is way overpriced compared to the organic/natural foods section at my old Wegmans in Ithaca.

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