Crock Pot Pulled Chicken

Say that 5 times fast! Dinner last night was one my my new obsessions, crock pot pulled chicken. It’s super simple and gives me a bunch of chicken I can use in salads, sandwiches, you name it, the rest of the week. Simply put chicken breasts in the crock pot and then cover with chicken broth. Set it on low and forget it. Once I came home from work, I took it out and pulled it apart with a fork. It cannot get any easier!

Tonight’s pulled chicken turned into pulled chicken bbq sandwich. My friend Lauren recently visited Texas this summer and brought me back this deliciousness. I love it because it’s a sweeter bbq sauce, but it’s also a bit spicy all at the same time.















On the side were some roasted broccoli that I tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning. They were a liiittttllleeee burned, but still very edible. Broccoli has quickly become my go-to veggie. I must post my recipe for spicy broccoli soon — B’s fav! Yum!