The Resolution Countdown

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With only 2 weeks (give or take a couple days) left until the end of 2011, I thought I would cover the topic of New Year’s resolutions.

Last year, my resolution was to write more. I did a pretty good job of keeping that resolution – writing in a journal a couple times a week – but with finishing college, working part time, and my personal life, I stopped writing regularly by early spring. Another resolution lost!

This year, my resolution is going to be like the other 99% of Americans – an exercise resolution. My resolution this year is to try new things that challenge my body in my exercise routine. Over the last couple years, I’ve found a few things that work well for me on the exercise front. Running has been my first love, and I’ve been working to include more HIIT circuits into my running routine. I also tried spinning for the first time this year when I started at my new gym, and I haven’t looked back since. But with all the cardio I’ve been doing, I’ve noticed that I have really put weight training to the side these last few months.

I find that the only way I can stick to a New Year’s resolution is to literally write it down and plan it like I plan everything else in my daily calendar. The 1st step in the ‘challenging my body goal’ — I will be running a half marathon in March! My roommate Steph and I will be running the New Bedford Half Marathon on March 18th. Signing up for a race is a great way to have a set goal to work towards. With months of hard work under my belt and money spent on entry fees, it’s harder for me to give up on a goal. I’m really excited to start training! I’ve had a good couple years of no injury running (finally, thanks to my awesome orthopedist) so I thought what better way to challenge myself than a half marathon. I’ve never run farther than 7.5 miles before, so I can’t wait to start setting new PR’s along the way.

My 2nd step in the ‘challenging my body goal’ will be a new weight training regimen. My boyfriend is a gym rat and knows a thing or two about proper weight training. I hear him talk about body building and exercise physiology things all the time, so it’s time for me to take advantage to this sort of live-in personal trainer. Plus, with marathon training, it’s important to still do weight training to make your whole body strong. It’s tough to keep your body upright for 13.1 miles!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Anyone else have an exercise goal for the new year? Find it hard to stick to a resolution too? Check out this Huffington Post article about how to start a fitness plan for the New Year. 

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