Travel Tuesday: Last Days of Florence

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday. Only one more work day is between me and visiting my hometown for Christmas! Bernie and I are leaving tomorrow after work to head to NY for a couple days. I always enjoy making the 3-hour trip with someone else; buses are NOT my favorite way to travel home for sure, so I’m definitely thankful for that. Unfortunately, he will be leaving on Christmas eve to head back to MA to visit his family, and I will be stuck with Greyhound to head back to Boston alone. Joy.

Speaking of traveling, I thought I would continue to share my summer travels with a new weekly thing I’ll be doing called Travel Tuesday. These posts will include overviews of some current and past travels. I hope you guys enjoy! Check out the first two posts about my European Trip, part 1 and part 2.

After a long day of climbing the Duomo, touring the city, and trying out the local eats, the whole tour went out to dinner at a restaurant that looked over the beautiful Florence countryside. We drove for a good twenty minutes through some rolling hills that our tour bus barely fit on and finally arrived at the restaurant. There was some sangria and finger food waiting for us and we spent a little time eating and taking photos. Everyone was dressed to impress.

Then we all went inside and sat down for dinner. As like with other group dinners, we didn’t get much choice with food, but we did get one bottle of wine for every two people. Bernie isn’t much of a wine drinker, so often during these group dinners, I had to drink for two. Normally, this wasn’t a problem, as we often had to split one bottle for like 4 people. Lets just say the drink was flowing very freely.

The dinner included a pig leg that was brought out literally on fire.

The food this dinner was not the best. The pork was super dry and not very interesting. I guess that’s the price you pay for going as a group. Some of the tour group dinners were fantastic, this one wasn’t, but the alcohol was plentiful and everyone was in good spirits.

Our tour guide and bus driver singing

Then, things got a little crazy. Giuseppe brought out this alcohol for everyone to try. I forgot what it was called but it was literally like 90% alcohol. It was yellow and looked scary as the devil, and tasted about the same. I thought I was going to choke afterward. Soon, some of the guys started doing more shots of it.

Then the whole group took the tour bus to a local club, “Space”. The club scene in Europe is insanity. The drinks are very strong, the men are very pushy, and the music is loud and fast. Overall, we had an awesome time. I highly suggest trying the club scene in Italy. Between nights out in Rome and Florence, we had a great time.

we had some pre-club fun on the bus

Next week: We leave the comforts of the Italian language and Italy and head off to France.

Has anyone else experienced the Italian nightlife? What did you think? Also been to Florence? What were some of your highlights?

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