The Christmas Rundown


Christmas feels like it came and went in such a flash this year. I’m now back at work, which will be somewhat deserted this week – no rest for the weary! It did feel good to be back home in Boston. As Bernie and I relaxed last night watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers, he turned to me and said, “It feels good to be home.” Amen.

Here’s a quick rundown of Christmas! I woke up bright and early on Christmas morning with the intention of completing scheduled run number 2 of 2. I’m glad I did – the roads were completely empty. Running down the middle of the road? YES PLEASE! I then headed back home and showered and got ready for the Christmas morning cinnamon buns (or what we call ‘sticky buns’) and coffee.

We’re the type of family that has way too many ornaments; they never all fit on the tree. My mom goes all out every year with decorations!

Then it was time to open presents! This year I got lots of running gifts, including like a million pairs of my favorite Thorlo socks and my Garmin 405!!! I can’t wait to use it!

Mom got a lot of cooking-related gifts this year (not planned by me and my sister). She loved them. She finally can replace her 25 year-old cookie sheets. I didn’t realize she got them as a wedding shower present!

Dad got the new Jon Stewart book and a sweatshirt. Alie and I both ended up getting each other scarves. Apparently great minds think alike. She also got scratch tickets, but no winners! 😦


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