Twenty Resolutions

Happy Hump Day! It’s been quite a busy week and will be an even busier weekend. My boyfriend bought a two-bedroom condo in Boston back in September. It’s been quite a process getting the place spruced up. In the months he’s lived there he’s moved in, bought some major furniture, (couches, TV, coffee table) and totally redone his bathroom. This weekend we’re going to tackle one of the other monsters – PAINTING! More to come on that.

I wish I had before photos of what this bathroom looked like when he moved in. SCARY!

But in the meantime, I wanted to address something that has been on the minds of many people – New Year’s Resolutions. I have seen TONS of blog posts on various blogs and sites all about resolutions, but this one on Thought Catalog really caught my eye. My friend Rebekah tweeted this article and I couldn’t help but comment on it – 20 New Year’s Resolutions for 20-Somethings.

Overall, I agree with every single one of these resolutions, and I thought it would be fun to come up with my own list of 20 New Year’s resolutions that I think us 20-somethings should stick to this year.


Twenty Resolutions for the Twenty-Something

  1. Relax about finding out EXACTLY what you want to “do with your life”. You’re living your life now, so whatever you’re doing now is what you’re “doing with your life”. It’s a process.
  2. Save some money every month. Even if it’s $50 or $100 – pay yourself.
  3. Travel. Go somewhere, anywhere that isn’t where you live right now. It will change the way you see other people and the world.
  4. Try a new hobby. Join a beer softball league, try a new class at the gym, find a local club. You’ll meet new people and expand your horizon.
  5. Stop spending so much money on super trendy clothing. Investment pieces are called that for a reason. It’s crazy to spend so much money on all that tacky glitter, feathers, and harem pants.
  6. Quit it with the “friends-with-benefits” relationships. Be an adult. You’re not a desperate18-year-old anymore.
  7. Call your family once a week. You’re parents and loved ones sure did a lot for you as you grew up, it’s time to pay them back with more than a text message every once in a while.
  8. Throw out all those stupid dating rules when it comes to men. They’re simple and like it when you’re straightforward. You’re allowed to call him first too, no one is keeping track.
  9. Get rid of the word “diet” from your vocabulary. Eat healthily and exercise. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll find yourself losing weight.
  10. Give back. Volunteer, donate to a charity, or support a local cause. It will feed your soul.
  11. Forgive yourself. It’s okay to not be perfect.
  12. Figure out your expenses and make an organized monthly budget. Good money habits should be adopted early.
  13. Tell your loved ones, to their face, how much you appreciate them. With life being so busy it’s easy to forget to express your appreciation for the things others do for you.
  14. If you’re in a relationship and you two are long past the honeymoon stage, bring back date night. It’s a perfect way to reconnect and remember why you fell in love in the first place.
  15. Watch the national news or read national papers. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world right now, find out!
  16. Don’t procrastinate, find a doctor and go to them! Taking control of your health is a habit you should develop sooner rather than later.
  17. Ladies, meeting a man at a bar is NOT the best place to do so. Stop acting so desperate every time you go out.
  18. Cherish your friends and treat them right – your 20’s are rough. You’ll need them by your side every step of the way, and this doesn’t include writing on each others’ Facebook walls.
  19. Tell your significant other that you love them and MEAN it.
  20. Breathe. Count to 10. Let it go.


What are your New Years’ resolutions? Are there any other resolutions that 20-somethings should follow? Thoughts about Thought Catalog’s article?