Travel Tuesday – Perfume and Avignon

It happened. Boston finally got snow. Too bad it’s heavy and wet as can be, and that it’s going to be in the 40’s today so it’s all going to melt. The walk to the car this morning wasn’t so bad, it was kind of pretty.

This week on Travel Tuesday — Bernie and I visit a perfumery and Avignon.

After leaving Nice, our tour group started the journey from France to Spain. We had a stop over for one night in Avignon, France. After staying in a pretty seedy hotel in Nice, Bernie and I were both feeling extremely sick. Head colds and chills plagued me for a couple days after, including during our stay in Avignon. One of the things I wish someone had told me before we left for a 2 week trip, was that we would most likely get sick. We traveled so much and stayed in not always the best accommodations – so it was inevitable. Bernie and I were pretty miserable this day and got a little snippy with each other for a bit. Being sick isn’t fun, but being sick in a foreign country without a comfortable bed sucks even worse.

Wanna know what else sucks? Being in a perfume factory when you’re sick.

We took a pit stop and toured a perfumery in France. Overall, it was kinda cool to see them making the soaps and perfumes, but after about 10 minutes I just wanted to go outside in the fresh air and die. We ended up in a gift shop at the end of the tour (of course) and were encouraged to buy perfume. I almost went in on a 5 pack with another girl from the trip because we were under the impression that it was a deal – 5pack of perfume bottles of our choice scents for 45 Euro. But, it ended up being not a deal – 45 Euro for EACH bottle. No thanks lady. Too rich for my blood.

After everyone was shopped out, we got back on the bus for a couple hours. Then we stopped in a small town (no idea the name) for a quick 1 hour lunch/bathroom break. At this point, I was a miserable b*tch. I was hungry, physically exhausted, sick, and achy. We ended up walking around a little bit, found a french fast food place. After eating some chicken nuggets, I felt a little better. Then we got Nutella and banana crepes. Then I felt much better.

Avignon was pretty cool. We walked around for a couple hours – Bernie went on a tour of the Palace of the Popes and I went shopping. I found a Longchamp bag for about $25 less than it would be in the U.S. SCORE! We learned that Avignon is where the Popes used to live up until the late 1300’s. There is also a Medieval bridge called Pont Saint-Bénezet that originally spanned the whole Rhône River until a flood swept a lot of it away in the 1600’s. It’s opened now for tourist to walk to the end to.

After everyone finished their shopping and sight seeing, the group all got together to have a picnic up on top of a hill in a park. We visited a grocery store and got breads, cheeses, meats, and cheap wine. It was so peaceful and wonderful — a great end to a stressful day. We also found some really cute wagons and I couldn’t resist. They cheered my whiny-self up.

Readers: How do you deal with being sick on a vacation? What was your favorite vacation ever?

3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Perfume and Avignon

  1. I loveeeeeed Aix en Provence and Avignon. So beautiful! You were lucky to enjoy some sunny weather. It was rainy and overcast when I visited but I still fell in love with the countryside. I got perfume from that perfumery and I still have some left, 1 1/2 years later…although I have started rationing its use since I don’t see a trip to Southern France in my near future. I opted for the Palace of Popes tour and did the wine tasting in the dungeon, which was delicious. Can we go back??!

    • Avignon was really beautiful – we were really lucky and had nice weather pretty much the entire trip. I think I would have enjoyed the perfumery much more if I wasn’t so sick.

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