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My life has been going 1,000 miles per hour lately between work, marathon training, and personal things. My lack of time means lack of posts. I’m going to try and work on that! So today, I got some inspiration from something that Katie did on her blog, a list of her favorite things. So without further ado, here’s my Oprah-esque list of my favorite things. (Sorry, I will not be giving out any of this stuff…I’m not Oprah).


My Favorite Blog Posts:

My Favorite Products:


My Favorite Decorating Ideas:

Bernie bought a 2-bedroom condo back in October and I’ve been designated the assistant decorator. Here are some of the ideas I’ve loved. We’ve already started a gallery wall of framed photos like the 3rd picture below!


My Favorite Recipes You Should Try:

  • Turkey Chipotle Pie. This is my go-to cold weather recipe. It’s pretty spicy, so if you’re not a big fan of spicy things, cut the chipotle amount in half. Also, use double amount of diced tomatos specified – it will be too dry without it.
  • Yummy Salmon“. This is what me and my friend Rebekah call this recipe, because it’s just that – yummy. I want to dip a spoon in the glaze and drink it.
  • Kath’s baked oatmeal bars. These are healthy, easy, and awesome. I love that you can tweak the recipe as you like to use your favorite nuts, seeds, and fruits.


My Favorite Face to Look At:

Yup, all mine.


What are your favorite things?


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