Fails Come in Three’s

I feel like things in life often come in “threes”, meaning that when one thing happens, two other similar events will quickly follow. They say that this rule always follows dead celebrities. This rule of threes has seemed to follow me lately, both good and bad.

Bad threes:

  1. As I deposited cash into an ATM last month, I experienced something that I thought would never happen – it broke mid transaction. Me+8am+no coffee+an ATM machine beeping at me+forever lost cash and card=not a happy camper. The money wasn’t even mine; it was funds that my friend Lauren and I raised as part of a fundraiser we held for an organization in South Sudan. Hundreds of dollars gone in a broken ATM. How does that even happen?!
  2. I realized that my lower back pain after running was NOT a good sign, so I paid a visit for the first time to a chiropractor. I was really worried that I was injured and found out that my hip muscles were basically as hard as rocks. No bueno.
  3. My hair straightener broke the other day as I was in the process of getting ready for a night out. Lovely. At least it was cheap.

I know, that’s a pretty weak third, but it still sucked.

But, some good has come out of those threes.

Good threes:

  1. The bank of really responsive, and I got the money and my card back very quickly. I sent the check off to the organization and everything is right with the world!
  2. My chiropractor is amazing, and gave me this really cool thing called a flex band. By doing stretches with it, I should increase my flexibility in my hips and hamstrings, which will help my pain. It made me realize once again how important it is to listen to your body when it comes to injuries. After being readjusted and given a stretching routine to follow with the band, I’m feeling more flexible already.
  3. I bit the bullet and bought a real straightener – the Chi. It was expensive, I realize that, but I never spend money like that on any of my hair products, and I’ve gone through so many broken straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers that I think I can justify spending a bit more money on a nice one. Oh, the perils of being a girl.

Any one else find that their life follows the ‘rule of threes’? What are your ‘threes’? Anything random happen to you lately?

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