This weekend was quite the busy one. I started it out with my long run for the week on Saturday morning. The weather here in Boston has been A-MAZ-ING! It was about 50 degrees and super sunny. I went out and tackled a 6 miler. While that’s not exactly the longest long run in the world, it’s the longest I’ve done in a very long time. I fueled up with a piece of pb toast with half a banana and off I went. Overall, I wasn’t feeling the run for the first couple of miles. I just wasn’t mentally into it. I then decided to change my music, switching from Taylor Swift to David Guetta’s new album. MUCH BETTER! His album has been my go-to lately whenever I work out. I’m going to be sad when I start to overplay it 😦

I finished in 53:39, which I was pretty happy about. I did notice something this time that I never had before – I hit the wall. At mile 6, I just couldn’t go anymore, I had 0 energy. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat and drink some water. Since it was much warmer than it normally is in January, I was drenched in sweat once I was finished. I think all the extra sweating made me dehydrated. I am going to have to start fueling during the run for any run 6 miles or higher. I have a fuel belt for water, but rarely use it. I’m going to have to start bringing the water and some fuel. I’m gonna try experimenting with Gu gel and chomps and see what happens. Do any readers have suggestions?

After the run, Bernie and I went and ran errands at Best Buy and West Elm. We went into West Elm and looked around for some condo things. I love that store! We found some really cool things and got some ideas for when it’s time to decorate some more. For now, a couple of the rooms are still in some stage of unfinished work (painting walls, hanging things, finishing the bathroom remodel) so it doesn’t make sense to buy things that will just sit in the bag until it’s time to use them. I did find these awesome recycled glass jugs and jars – I hope we get them.

Saturday night was Ladies Night!

My friend Melissa decided to throw a ladies night out. We all are so busy with work and life and rarely get a chance to all go out together without any significant others. We got all dressed up and headed out to The Liberty Hotel, an upscale hotel downtown that used to be a jail. So cool! Before we left, we sipped on some champagne and caught up. Melissa and her roommates supplied an awesome spread of fruit, cheese, and crackers.

Melissa in the middle -- the hostess with the most-est

The Liberty has a couple different bars in the hotel and we ended up in Alibi. The interior was really cool, cell bars and brick walls definitely gave off the feeling of a jail cell. After getting some drinks, we ended up making friends with a guy who had bottle service and a table. He invited us to sit down and we ended up hanging out for a while. Pretty sweet deal.

Overall, a very successful night. The Liberty has a reputation of being a place where guys go to pick up girls and girls go to meet doctors. I actually met a plastic surgeon within 5 minutes of arriving at the bar. It’s definitely that kind of atmosphere. I would definitely go back, but I would make sure not to drink quite as much as I did. Oops. I was hurting today big time. I guess that means I had fun?


Readers: Have you ever hit the wall during a run? What’s your fueling strategy — I need tips!