Travel Tuesday: Donde estan mis pantalones?

Guess what today is?!

Tuesday? Travel Tuesday? The last day of January?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. But it is also my BIRTHDAY! I turn 24 years young today! I can’t believe how quickly another year has gone by. I feel like I was just celebrating my 23rd birthday. I was in my final semester of college and I was chomping at the bit to graduate. Now I’m over 6 months post-college and in the working world. I’m dealing with tight budgets, renting an apartment with 3 other girls, and balancing time between friends, family, and the boy.

According to Bernie, the “mid-twenties” start at 24 years of age. According to me, it’s 25. I don’t know about you, but I’m in no hurry to grow up and assign a title to my age. I’m still in my “early twenties” in my eyes – one more year! He can be in his “mid-twenties” all he wants. 😉

So back to the Tuesday tradition over here at Blonde Bostonian. This week I will be covering mine and Bernie’s adventures in Barcelona, Spain.

We were pretty excited to head to Spain. After a not-so-wonderful experience in France, we were ready for something new. The bus ride from Avignon to Barcelona was long. Very, very, very long. After maybe 8 hours or so, we finally arrived! I think the coolest thing about Barcelona was the nice mix between the modern metropolis and historical architecture. The buildings were gorgeous and varied everywhere you looked. Our first stop was Sagrada Familia.

I was in awe of the whole building. Every side was different. I didn’t realize that Gaudi died in the middle of it being built, so there are sections of the church that are still being worked on. He never left any blueprints or designs, so they are literally working on the unfinished pieces by copying the parts he already did. We didn’t get a chance to go inside, but it was worth it on the outside.

We then went and saw the Olympic stadium where the ’92 games were held. It seemed much smaller than it should be in person.

After sight seeing for a bit, we finally got to our hotel. We all went out as a group for dinner and then headed to the waterfront for a drink or two. We all quickly realized how tired we were, especially from all the travel, and headed to bed.

The next morning, we got up and Giuseppe took us on a short walking tour of Barcelona. We saw the old castle and a wall where firing squads used to line up people to  assassinate. You could see the hundreds of bullet holes in walls – pretty moving stuff.

Once we were set free, Bernie and I had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go – Casa Batllo. My roommate in college was an architecture student, and I remember her telling me all about Antoni Gaudi and his crazy buildings. Once we found it, I realized she wasn’t kidding. It felt like we were in a Dr. Seuss house – it’s the only way I could describe it. Everything in the house was curved; door frames, staircases, windows, walls, furniture. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to walk through and marvel at all the amazing architecture. He thought of everything – including the colors of the tile in the middle courtyard of the house and how they should transition from a lighter shade to a darker in order to capture the most light.

After we finished exploring, we went for a shopping adventure. We once again found out that Bernie does not fit into European sizes. It was definitely a challenge, but we found some things that finally fit, after being told that he was “too strong (make the stereotypical flexing of the muscles move)” for his shirts.

After a quick shower and change at the hotel, we ventured out again for a flamenco show. This was one of the more expensive excursions of the trip, so we were somewhat reluctant to spend the money on it. We were not disappointed. It was incredible. The passion that was exuding out of the dancers was infectious. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of some of them.

It was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. After the dinner and the show, we headed to the waterfront for a night out on the town, which is where I leave you for now.

Happy travels! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Donde estan mis pantalones?

  1. Awesome pics of the Sagrada Familia and the Gaudí buildings, I love how you compared them to something out of Dr. Seuss 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the Flamenco dancing, it’s definitely one of the most passionate art forms and means of expression around. It was declared a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO not long ago. Check out one of the best “cantaores” ever: and one of the best classical flamenco dancers:

  2. Happy birthday! Great pictures, and isn’t Flamenco so cool? I really love Spain, but I’ve only ever spent time in Madrid, Segovia and Toledo. Would love to see Barcelona. Seems really cool from what I see here.

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