Them’s Fighting Words

Who’s excited for the Super Bowl?! Patriots fever has hit New England. All the media outlets in Boston have been talking about it non-stop. Even the “make way for duckings” statues are ready. Someone put Gronkowski t-shirts on them. So cute!

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But while we bow down to the house that Belichick built, Giants fever has also hit New York. This has been made even more apparent to me from an email chain that I’ve been included on this week. My godfather, Bob, is a CRAZY Giants fan. Growing up, I always associated the Giants with “Uncle Bob”. He actually knew a lot of the players and would go to Giants training camp every summer at SUNY Albany. It was religion.

All this week, he’s been sending out photos of himself with past Giants “Super Bowl heroes”. I think someone is getting pumped for the game. I thought I would share with you guys some of the photos.

This is my uncle Bob with Harry Carson, Hall of Famer and #53 on the ’86 Championship team.

Here he is with Mark Bravo in Nov. 1986 before Superbowl win.

Here he is with George Martin in August 2006 at training camp. Note that he’s wearing the Super Bowl ring on the right hand.

Finally, here is Uncle Bob with Free Safety Myron Guyton.

So there you have it – Uncle Bob’s photos so far. I think he’s trying to intimidate me and my team, but it won’t work. Someone will have to be victorious on Sunday, while it’s going to be a close game, I think it will ultimately be the Pats. Sorry Uncle Bob.


Who do you think is going to win the big game? Have you ever met a football player?


6 thoughts on “Them’s Fighting Words

  1. I hope the Patriots win! That’s who. Interesting post – wish I had met so many football players over the years.

  2. I would like this post, but I’m a Raven’s fan and I’m still unable to watch highlights from the game. Maybe after the Giants (my husband’s team) win, I’ll feel better. =)

  3. Sarah,,, moving to Boston does not remove the Giants blood from your veins !
    Looking forward to a great evening ! Gooooooooooooo GIANTS !!!!!!

    “Uncle Bob”

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