Is it just me or has this week been absolute TORTURE?!

I never thought it was going to end, but thankfully, I did survive and Friday did come.

This morning I experienced another “Murphy’s Law Matthews” morning. Remember my post about rules of three’s and how I always seen to experience this? Well it happened again. I had to leave about 45 minutes early this morning to go to a doctor’s appointment, so off the bat I knew things were gonna be weird. Here it was:

1. I almost pulled a Gronk and almost rolled my ankle getting into the car. I pretty much fell into the driver’s seat. God, I’m clumsy sometimes.

[image source]

2. Then, all frazzled from almost dying, I backed up the car a LITTLE too much and bumped the car parked behind me. Whatever, I live in the city, people bump into my car all the time, thus the marks on the back bumper. But then a guy walking by laughed and pointed. POINTED! Go away.

3. As I walk out of the doctor’s office, I tripped and did the “Fall forward and almost crash to the ground but your body’s balance catches you” thing in front of a bunch of people. I always feel embarrassed when I do that. It’s hard because you cannot brush that off as a “I meant to do that” sort of thing. I always think about the Ellen Degeneres stand-up bit about tripping. You should watch it, it’s pretty funny. I love Ellen. She always seems to fine the comedy of everyday life and situations – they’re things that we all can relate to.


There ya go, 3 fails in a row. I guess I’m good for the rest of the weekend?

Speaking of weekend, so far it looks like this:

Tonight: Dinner and relaxing with Bernie. I cannot wait to do this – it’s been a rough week and I’m ready for a nice quiet, lazy night.

Saturday: I’m taking a spin class in the morning. I haven’t taken a weekend spin class in a while. I’ve been doing all my long runs on Saturday lately, but I thought I would shake things up and actually follow my training plan which always calls for cross training on Saturday and the long run on Sunday. We’ll see. Also, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. The Boston meteorologist are FREAKING OUT! FINALLY, THERE WILL BE SNOW!!!! Relax people, 3 inches is a non-incident. This winter though, it’s the most we’ve gotten in a long time. We’ll see what happens.

Sunday: Bernie and I are going to go look at a kitchen table! Yay! The condo is coming together and starting to feel like a home! I have my long run, which I’m going to try to bump out in the morning. I’m also going to experiment with different fueling methods during the run. I’m not sure yet what I’ll use – I picked up some Gu, Gu Chomps, and Beans – but it’s going to be something new. We might also go to dinner with Bernie’s family for his mom’s birthday, but it all depends on the weather. It’s a very open weekend, which after last weekend’s birthday celebrations and Super Bowl parties, I am very happy about.


What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone else having a quiet weekend?