Travel Tuesday: Dancing in Barcelona

I want to wish a belated 21st birthday to my wonderful little sister, Alie.

It’s just the two of us in our family and I’ve enjoyed being a big sister – but ‘big’ no more. Now that Alie can buy alcohol, I feel weird calling her my ‘little’ sister. She’s not little anymore! Happy birthday Alie!

Now – onto Travel Tuesday. This week, day two of Bernie and Sarah’s great adventure in Barcelona, Spain. You can check out day one here.

Little kids looking into the club. Sorry guys, not old enough yet.

After the Flamenco show, we all headed out to the water for a night out on the town! The club scene in Barcelona was insane. The clubs are expensive to get in, 10-20 euro each, and the drinks are costly. But we had an awesome time! It was really great to cut lose for a night after all the traveling. Bernie and I made friends with 3 different couples from Toronto,San Fransisco, and New Zealand respectfully. We all had a really great time out together.

The whole European club scene is very different than in America. The men are very pushy and flirtatious, so you have to be careful. The drinks are also REALLY expensive, but they do tend to make them strong, so you get your money’s worth. Overall, I had great club experiences in all the countries we visited – definitely a ‘must-do’ on your list if you enjoy clubs.

After the night out, we headed back to the hotel to sleep. Something that I found out in Barcelona, is that the cabs are super cheap! The cabs in Italy and France were similar to how they cost in the U.S. – there’s a flat beginning fee, and then the cost increases by $0.40 every 1/5 of a mile or so. In Barcelona, there was no flat fee, and the cost increased by like 0.10 euro. Our hotel was a good 6 miles or so away from downtown and our cab was maybe 5 Euro. Not bad!

The next day, we said goodbye to Barcelona to head off to our LAST stop of the trip – Madrid!



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  1. El Kapital (I believe) in Madrid is a crazy club. I remember getting home from Madrid’s clubs at like 5:30 am (sometimes barely remembering the metro or cab ride – oops)! We had tons of fun going out to the clubs – even though, for the most part, I’m not a club guy. But sometimes they’re fun (here in the US)…and the atmosphere over there is crazy, so it can be even more fun (or even more creepy, depending on where you go…)

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