A Tough 8 Miles

So after a schedule change, I ended up doing my Sunday long run Monday. I woke up and had my pb toast, coffee, and water, and then headed out for 8 miles.

The weather was gorgeous! Boston in sunny weather is the greatest place in the world. I ended up running down Beacon St. (a street on the Boston marathon course) towards Kenmore Square and Fenway Park. I noticed around mile 3 that I had to use the restroom (too much water that morning) and decided to head toward my old stompin’ grounds: Northeastern University. I knew that there was a free open bathroom in the building that holds the gym, so I went toward that way. It was weird being back on campus for the first time since August 2011. Good ol’ college days. The pit-stop ended up working out because once I got there I hit mile 4, so I figured I’d just head back home and finish the last 4 miles headed home.

Around mile 6, I took half of a Gu. Then I hit mile 7 and things got tough. I was getting really tired and my legs started to feel really heavy. I don’t know if it was because my route was getting somewhat hilly, if it was because I only took 1/2 the Gu and not the whole Gu like last time, or what it was – but that last mile was pretty mentally tough to push through. Then it was done. Phew!

I got home and immediately felt my muscles tighten up. I grabbed the Stick that my fellow half-marathoner roommate has and got to work. I then stretched more, took a shower, and made myself a recovery smoothie.

This run was a personal distance record for me and I felt really good about finishing it. I’m having a tough time staying mentally in what I’m doing after I hit about mile 6. I get bored and start not focusing – I definitely need to work on that. I ended up listening to NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” podcast for the first 45 minutes, which ended up being a great decision.

I also FINALLY figured out how to sync my Garmin to my computer. This thing is magic! Here’s what my run looked like:

My first mile was all weird because my Garmin was going rogue with its satellite signal. I think it was because my shirt was covering it, so I rolled my sleeve a bit and then it stopped freaking out and telling me I was going at a 12min mile pace. Overall, I’m happy with my mile splits, I just wish that I could get a little more consistent with them. I blame that for the different hills that I tackled, including a big one from mile 6-7.

Another run in the books! I’m off to foam roll – my muscles are barking. If this is how I feel after 8 miles, how am I going to feel after 13.1?! Yikes!

Anyone else ever feel like they’ve tuned out mentally during a run? How do you avoid it? How did you spend your Presidents’ Day off?