Friday Goals

Happy Friday! Woo! The weekend is finally here. Is it just me, or was this the longest short-week ever?!

Goals – we all have them. Sometimes we accomplish these goals, and sometimes we don’t. I struggle myself with beating myself up over goals that I don’t meet. I always have to remind myself that just because you didn’t meet a goal, doesn’t mean you failed. I like to be perfect, definitely a fatal flaw of mine, and I have to remind myself to chill out sometimes – it’s okay if you’re not perfect. So as this week ends, I thought I’d share some of my goals that I’ve set for myself recently.

  1. Spring-clean my closet, HARD. I’m one of those people who seem to just hoard clothes. While my closet definitely does not resemble anything that you see on TLC’s hoarders (have you seen that show lately??! It’s getting a little out of hand…) but I definitely hold onto things sometimes a little too long. Those jeans I wore in high school that still fit? Sure, I got ’em. They may not be cute, but they’re comfy! I have to stop this. I’m moving in with the boy in August, and we’ve already had the discussion about closet space. It’s time to consolidate!
  2. SLOW down on long runs. Again, the whole “must be perfect” thing kicks in every single time I run. I must go fast. I must maintain that speed. I must be strong. I must run far. I can’t do all these things at once, and I need to remind myself that. It’s okay if my run longs are not at marathon race pace – that’s the friggin’ point of a long run. SLOW!!!! I did a run on Wednesday night that was perfect. I started out 45 seconds slower than race pace for 2 miles, and then ran at race pace for 4. I ended up doing 6 miles instead of 5 like I planned, and felt great after. I know that a lot of my hip tightness is due to the fact that I am overdoing it on long runs. I did NOT recover well after my run on Monday, and I think that was because I ran too fast.
  3. Make more time for fun. As a young, fun, 24 year-old living in a big city – I don’t do many fun or exciting things. Chalk it up to a limited budget, a marathon training schedule that dominates my weekends, and a regular gym routine – I’ve turned into a boring person. Once the marathon is over, I definitely plan on taking a little time off from running. My next “big” race isn’t until my 10k in June, so I can deal with no formal training until then. I plan on getting the fun Sarah back by:
  • Exploring my city more. Boston in the winter is tough. It’s much more fun to walk around in the spring or summer months. Once the weather gets nicer, I need to make a point of taking a Saturday or Sunday every now and then and just go downtown and hang out. I used to do a lot more of that when I was in college and lived closer to downtown. I need to bring that back. It was fun.

  • Stop saying “no” to plans. I know that this running thing has put a damper on my social life on the weekends, and I really can’t wait to change that. I just need to push myself and say “yes” more often when someone asks if I want to go somewhere or do something.
  • More nights with my girlfriends. My friend Lauren and I had a mini girls’ night last Sunday and it was delightful. We made dinner at my apartment and drank beer and chatted about life. It was fun – and cheap. I need to do that more.


Have you set any recent goals for yourself? Share!


5 thoughts on “Friday Goals

  1. I also made it a goal of mine to say “yes” to stuff more often! I also have a pretty set routine w/ working, the gym, etc. so a lot of times I use that as an excuse to say no… but I’m trying to change it! So far so good 🙂

  2. I’m totally guilty of clothes hoarding too… I really need to clean my closet out again so I can get new stuff 🙂

    My goal is just to clean up my apartment so that when I get back from vacation, I come back to a clean place.

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