Travel Tuesday: The Final Stop

Hello friends! I thought I would start this week’s Travel Tuesday with another travel update: Bernie and I have officially booked a vacation this summer. After our 2 week adventure in Europe last summer, we were ready for a vacation that was much more relaxing and low key. So this June, we’ll be spending 6 nights in Key West, Florida! I’ve been to Key West once before on a cruise and enjoyed it. I can’t wait!

On this week’s Travel Tuesday, Bernie and I reach our final destination: Madrid, Spain. At this point in the trip, we were both pretty beat. With our constant go, go, go schedule, sleep was a welcomed luxury. I also on and off sick at this point – we both were – so by the time we got to Madrid, we welcomed a hotel that had…A POOL! The rooms were gorgeous and clean (finally!)

This is how I felt toward the end of the trip. Tired Sarah = crazy Sarah

By the time we arrived in Madrid, we had been on a bus for about 5 or 6 hours, so I was pretty exhausted. We all went out as a group and and had tapas at a place around the corner. There, we toasted to the final stop. Then, I went back to the hotel to rest and Bernie went out with the group and took some night pictures of Madrid.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early and went on a tour of the Royal Palace. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but imagine the biggest palace with everything covered in gold, silk, and velvet. GORGEOUS!

After the tour, Bernie and I went with a small group to visit Toledo, outside of Madrid. The town was so cool – very medieval and charming.

While we were in Toledo, we saw a really famous painting by El Greco, “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”. I remember learning about him in an art class in college and was shocked when I actually recognized the painting. Our guide in Toledo started analyzing the painting, pointing out themes to the group. I was immediately brought back to my college days. I took an art class and a ton of film analysis classes and I miss that feeling of discovering something about a piece of art (whether it’s a painting or film) that’s not necessarily right on the surface.

[image source]

Once we finished the tour, we stopped in a tapas place for a quick lunch. They had a lunch deal going on – 1 tapas and a small beer for 2 euro! Awesome!

Then it was back on the bus – we were headed back to Madrid to prepare for our last night of the tour!


Until then, some questions for you: Have you ever had a “I miss college” moment like me? Have you ever seen something you studied in school in person? What was it like?


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  1. Key West is great! I love Florida. Also, Madrid (and Toledo, too) is great, right? Nice pictures, glad you enjoyed it. I remember seeing the Count of Orgaz and several other famous paintings while in Madrid, etc. and it’s pretty crazy seeing these things in person (…all the paintings at the Prado!)

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