Sleep? What’s Sleep?

I’m very excited about the arrival of March 1st. There are a few things I love about March.

  1. I’m 17 days away from the half-marathon (AH!).
  2. St. Patrick’s Day (and the home made soda bread my mom sends me)
  3. The arrival of Spring! It’s coming, slowly but surely.
  4. Time change. I love leaving work and having a few hours of daylight left.

I’ve been somewhat sporadic with posts lately because, in all honesty, I’ve been so busy that I’m barely sleeping. Between work stress, training, and trying to fit in boyfriend time – I’m just not sleeping well. On top of it, my back has been KILLING ME! Tomorrow I’m paying a visit to my amazing chiropractor and CANNOT WAIT! Hopefully that will help me sleep. I’ve been running on empty lately and it’s been tough to focus on writing quality blog posts. I promise to be back soon.

Bernie has even mentioned to me that I’ve started speaking gibberish in my sleep. Full on sentences…that can’t be good.


Readers: How do you deal with balancing a busy life? Any tips for how to get a better night’s sleep? I’m desperate!


4 thoughts on “Sleep? What’s Sleep?

  1. Have you tried drinking Celestial Seasons Sleepy Time tea? I used to have such issues going to sleep from stress and back pain. Now I try to do something before bed that is not on my computer or TV. Reading or journaling and drink some Sleepy Time tea. If that doesn’t work maybe try taking a few minutes after work (even 10 at first) to just sit, breathe and close your eyes. Mediation helps so much with everyday stress.

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