Thankful Friday

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Second of all, when did this shit happen!?

I’m complete shock. Where did the last 10 weeks of my training go? I can’t wait to run the New Bedford Half Marathon with my roommate in a little over two weeks! She and I have been working so hard to get ready and we’re (finally!) running our first training run together this Sunday. 11 miles doesn’t seem so bad when you’re running them with someone else!

Third of all, I want to address something that has been in the local Boston news recently. I live very close to Boston College and recently a B.C. student has gone missing. His name is Franco Garcia and he’s been missing since last Wednesday. As I went on my long run last week, I saw poster upon poster plastered to EVERY SINGLE light post around B.C. I saw his family set up in front of the bar he was last seen at, handing out posters about his disappearance. They’ve recently begun diving in the reservoir near B.C. and searching the surrounding woods. It really hits you when something so sad happens in an area that you live in and love. I run around the reservoir path weekly. I find the area where I live to be very safe, but it goes to show that anything can happen anywhere. I hope that they find Franco Garcia alive and well. This incident reminds me to be vigilant. Who knows what happened to Franco, but something that those of us who live in the city should be aware of is our surroundings; especially when walking alone at night. I have to remind myself to be careful. You never know what could happen.

So today, I’m making sure to be thankful for my safety, and hope that they find Franco. I hope you stop and think about your safety this weekend while you go out and enjoy yourselves. Be safe and happy weekend 🙂


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