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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Mine started off really great. Friday night I spent the night hanging out and playing cards at a bar and drinking from this: The Budzilla!

The next day, my friend Lauren and I spent the morning doing suburban things, aka: going to Target. I ended up finding some wicker baskets for Bernie’s entryway table that I’ve been looking for. You also can’t go to Target without taking advantage of their inexpensive workout wear. I picked up some inexpensive sports bras and workout tops! WOO!

Lauren and I were talking about how having a car in Boston isn’t necessary, but it definitely makes things easier. I came across this really awesome article from Boston Magazine all about it called “Hell Yeah, I Love My Car”. Pretty funny and very true!

Then Bernie and I spent the night chilling out and going to bed early because I had 11 miles on tap for the next morning. My half marathon plan had me running 9 miles on Sunday, but since I spent my last Sunday’s “fake 6k” doing 10 miles instead, I thought I would go for 11 this Sunday. Next Sunday is my last long run before the race, so I think I might just take advantage and do a taper long run of 8-9 miles.

I woke up yesterday feeling REALLY tired and beat. I slept like absolute ass and knew that the run was going to be a challenge. I went home, did my usual routine (change, eat, bathroom run, stretch, go) and headed out for 11 miles with my roommate Stephanie. She is running the half marathon with me and we haven’t been able to do any training runs together the whole time. Our schedules just never synched up. So this week we planned to get one in. We set out and did one lap around the Chestnut Hill reservoir and then ran up Beacon St. towards downtown Boston. Once we hit Boston Common, we looped back and ran up Beacon back home. I love running in downtown Boston; you get to explore the city and run at the same time. We kept about a 9:30 pace the whole time. It was really awesome to have someone else with me while running that many miles. We just chatted the whole time about everything! It was super fun! We are definitely doing that again. My miles looked like this:

I ended up running almost 11.5 miles! CRAZINESS! I felt pretty good afterward too. A little tight, but overall good. I’m getting really pumped for this race! It also feels good to push myself. I felt pretty strong – even took my Gu at mile 7ish instead of 5.5 like last week. I’m really proud of myself and my body for pushing through. Bring it on, New Bedford!

After running, I met up with Bernie to run more errands: Target and grocery shopping. When we left the grocery store, however, we ran into a bit of a problem: a flat tire. Bernie’s car’s tire had been looking a little low lately, but I didn’t think it would flat out blow out! Luckily he has AAA, so we called and waited an hour for a mechanic to show up. In the meantime, Steph came to the rescue and picked me and all the groceries up (didn’t want them to spoil!) Then she brought me back and I waited with Bernie. We listened to the Celtics game on the radio and then after about an hour, the AAA guy came. He changed the tire in literally 5 minutes flat! Amazing. When he pulled the tire off, it looked like this:


Now we’re rocking the donut until it gets fixed. Looks like I’ll be taking the T to work for a couple days :(.

The icing on the cake was that since we had the car on to listen to the radio, we totally drained the battery of the car! Bernie’s car is a fancy one with a start button, not a traditional key hole. In the time I’ve known him, this is the second time that the battery has gotten drained. The first time was from leaving a door not completely closed overnight. Since his car is a robot car, it’s apparently really easy to drain the computer battery. Luckily the AAA guy noticed and jumped it for us. So stupid. Pretty eventful Sunday!

How was your weekend? Any big running milestones out there? Anyone else get a flat tire before? Do you know how to fix a flat? (Bernie and I do not – AAA to the rescue!!)

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  1. Awesome Run! I got in 11 miles yesterday as well. Felt pretty good! Luckily I met up with friends for the last 5 miles so it was a nice distraction at the end. Love running buddies!

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