Travel Tuesday: Madrid to Boston

This week on Travel Tuesday, the final day in Europe!

After coming back from Toledeo, we had about 5 hours to kill until our final dinner in Madrid. We thought about going downtown to explore Madrid on our own, but after an early morning tour of the royal palace, a trip to Toledo, and a long bus ride back, we were ready for some r&r. We sat our asses right down next to the pool – this hotel was the only one with a pool area. One of our Contiki friends got a couple 6-packs of cervezas, so we reclined and relaxed. It was the first time in a few days that we had a chance to just unwind. The hardest part of the trip, and especially during the final week, was trying feeling guilty for choosing to relax during free hours instead of pushing ourselves to explore everything. At some point, something had to give. We didn’t have enough time in Madrid to truly tour it and explore the best part of the city, so we opted to just rest. We had a long day of travel back to Boston the next day.

A few hours later, we met up with the entire group for our last dinner of the trip. We went to the famous Plaza Mayor to have dinner outside. While there we saw some pretty interesting street performers.

We dined on fried calamari, fish, and various tapas. Bernie also got something he had been DYING for all trip – milk! Watching him ask the waiter for milk was hilarious. Not exactly the high class drinks everyone else was asking for.

After dinner, we took pictures with some friends we made along the way. Bernie was pretty bummed to be saying goodbye to some of them. I think there were some budding bromances going on.

Then the whole group went out one final time for some drinks and dancing. Goodbyes were said, and everyone started going their own ways. I was pretty bummed out that it was all ending so fast. The two weeks completely flew by.

The next morning, Bernie and I dragged our ragged, tired bodies to breakfast. After a very fast meal, we ran off to catch a cab and head to the airport. We ended up waiting a LONG time for our flight. I was so burned out at that point and was ready to just get on the plane and head home. 8 hours later, we were back in Boston. We were HOME!

Next week: Overall thoughts on our Contiki experience.

Happy Tuesday!

Readers: What was the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Have you ever had “vacation guilt” aka: felt like you weren’t taking full advantage of the place you’re vacationing?