10 Wonderful Years

Yesterday, my dad sent me a picture message that took me by surprise.

Dad — “It’s Chloe’s 10th bday!”

Chloe is our family’s Cocker Spaniel. We got Chloe after years and years of my sister and I BEGGING for a dog. My parents, and my mom especially, were totally against getting a dog. Finally, they caved and Chloe became a part of the family. After a few months, Chloe had a little altercation with our cat, Shadow.

Yes Shadow, it was your fault. But it's okay - I still love you.

Puppy Chloe got a little too close to Shadow one day, and the normally quiet and lazy cat batted at her, catching her eye with one of his claws. I was not there for the incident, but it sounded like it was a non-incident that turned into an incident. Shadow was not being aggressive or mean, he just batted her out of the way, and one little claw got into Chloe’s big puppy eyes. After a trip to the emergency vet clinic in Springfield, MA which specialized in eye issues, Chloe had to undergo surgery to have her eye removed. She took it all in stride. She grew up to be a fun-loving dog who loved to play catch. She could even catch a tennis ball mid-air, one eye and all.

Chloe has been there through every up and down in our family. She’s now living the life – daily walks, days spent laying around the house with her buddy Kerry, and lots of loving. In her old age, she’s lost sight in her remaining eye and has developed some arthritis. She still gets around good, but it is sad sometimes to see her grow older. I miss my puppy!

Happy 10th birthday Chloe – my family’s first puppy-love.

Readers: Tell me about your favorite family pet!


7 thoughts on “10 Wonderful Years

  1. So cute! I miss having a dog! I have the family cat because she used to attack the family dog. She is old (14 years atleast) and Bandit always got a little rough with her. So she showed him who was boss. Now she lives with me, and the dog is still with my parents. I love her, but I definitely miss having a dog wagging his tail so happy to see me when I get home from work.

  2. Cats are awesome (we had two growing up, including Shadow who is now 18) but there is nothing better than that happy tail wagging when you get home!

  3. My parents never let us have a dog, despite my siblings and my pleadings. We had a fish…named Sushi….yea i know. Cute pup 🙂

  4. Chloe is so cute! I had a dog named Daisy when I was a kid…she was half Cocker Spaniel! I miss having a dog, but we are waiting to get one until we’re in our new house, with a yard. In the meantime, we have a Beta fish named, Blue…not quite as entertaining and loving as a puppy 🙂

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