It’s Official

It’s official – the “I’m not feeling too great this week/nausea/exhaustion/stuffy head/itchy throat” thing has turned into a full blown cold.

Yes it will...right?

Boston was beautiful yesterday – 68 degrees and sunny! I HAD to take advantage and decided to do my 5 miles outside after work. I don’t know if it was just my “sickness” or the fact that the reservoir area near my house resembled the ocean the waves were so high, I didn’t have my best run. I couldn’t finish. Well…I don’t know if I couldn’t finish, I just didn’t want to. I gave up. For the first run all training, I gave up at 4.3 miles, .7 miles short of what I had planned. The wind was brutal and I just wasn’t into it. Maybe I should have listened to Bernie and rested. But 68 degrees in Boston in early March=I’m running. Sorry.

After 5 minutes of beating myself up over it, I moved on. I didn’t feel good and needed to rest. I spent the rest of the night laying down on the couch watching the food network and nursing a bottle of orange juice. Party!

This weekend, I plan on taking it easy. I’m resting tonight, going to drink lots of fluids, and sleep! Tomorrow all my friends are going on a bar crawl all over Boston that we did last year. I’m sad I’m not participating, but I know that I’ll run better next weekend for it.

I wanna play!

Sunday is my final long run before the race. Since I’ve gone completely off schedule for all long runs for the last couple weeks, my roommate Steph and I plan on doing a taper long run on Sunday of 8 miles. I hope that this cold stays all above the neck so that I can run. Then taper week!

Happy Friday!


Have you ever quit during a run? How do you deal with being sick? (I’m the worst sick person ever – I always wish my mom would appear with soup and a blanket.)