Date Night at Redbones

Happy Monday everyone! Is it just me, or did this time change totally screw your body clock more than the last time change?

After weighing the pros and cons of working out with a head cold on Saturday I decided to just go for it. I went to the gym and ran an easy two miles, and then hopped over to the free weights to make myself big and strong. “Not a good idea when you’re sick, Sarah” you say…well, I actually felt so much better afterward. I probably went through about 10 tissues on the treadmill alone, but my sinuses cleared up and my energy was back up. Score!

Saturday night, Bernie and I decided to go out for date night! We’ve talked about how we need to incorporate this weekly tradition into our schedule more often. It’s nice to get to go do something together without having our focus be on 10million other things we have to get done. This week, we hit up Redbones, a BBQ joint across the river in Somerville.

Bernie introduced me to Redbones last year on another date night. I immediately fell in love. Their indoor decor is so unique and funky. They have a ton of awesome beers on tap, which are constantly changing. And the food – finger licking good!

We got there with an hour-long wait for a table (this place is always packed) so I started off the night with a Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. Oh my goodness. DELICIOUS! Probably the best tasting Hefe-Weizen I’ve had in a long time. If you like this type of beer, I suggest you find it now. Bernie was jealous of my selection – he wasn’t such a fan of his choice.

Once we sat down, we ordered my favorite appetizer: fried pickles. Snooki would approve.

We also tried the catfish bites. I had never had catfish before, and they were really good.

For dinner, Bernie got the usual – The Belt, which is a mix of Texas style, Arkansas style, and Memphis style ribs and some beef brisket. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich.

One of the thing I like about Redbones, is that they offer 4 different types of sauces: a sweet sauce, mild sauce, a hot sauce, and a vinegar-based sauce. I like that you can choose, since everyone likes their bbq different.

We were stuffed after this meal! Successful date night!


Readers: What was one highlight from your weekend? Do any other couples out there do weekly date-nights? Any ideas for creative dates?

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  1. Definitely keep date night a priority. before kids came along we did it regularly, but after children we let it slide. Just recently we’ve gotten back on board and i will never give it up again. We don’t allow cell phones on our dates and it’s glorious. Being able to focus just on each other and not having to share time with a text or an email…heaven!

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