Cutting Myself Some Slack

I loved hearing all about the things you’re most thankful for/are loving yesterday. Sounds like a few of you also are in love with French bulldogs. Who could say no to this face?!

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room for a second.

Cue the panic!

Last night, I went for an easy 4 mile run outside. The weather here has been beyond gorgeous. I ran in shorts and a tank top and was SWEATING after 4 miles. It also was a pretty tough 4 miles.

Notttttttttt exactly the splits that I like seeing. My hips were EXTREMELY tight. I think I overdid it on Monday at the gym with the squats and the hip strengthening moves. I need to remind myself that I should be taking it easier this week, since it is taper week. Steph and I went for our final long run on Sunday – a pretty nice 8.5 miles.

(my garmin took half a mile to finish loading the satellite signal…weird. Just add .6 miles to this.)

This whole positive split thing seems to be a theme. I’m not too worried – I need to remind myself that with New Bedford being my first half marathon, and the first time ever running 13.1 miles, I need to cut myself a little slack. I’d love to finish the race in under 2 hours, but if that doesn’t happen, I can’t beat myself up over it. Just training for this race has been a challenge – if I want to come out of it injury free (minus some soreness) I need to just chill out on the self-induced pressure. I’m a perfectionist, I always have been. There is no such thing as half-assing anything with me. This is a blessing, but also a curse. Over the next 4 days, I plan to focus on the fun aspect of the race and how crazy and cool it is that I committed myself to training for something for 15 weeks straight. That’s an accomplishment even in itself! Who cares if I run a sub 2-hour half marathon! I certainly do, but I really shouldn’t. That’s my goal for the next few days.


Readers: Are you also a perfectionist like me? How do you relax before a big race? Any tips for how to let go of the self-induced pressure and just have fun? Any half-marathoners out there with tips for Sunday?!


5 thoughts on “Cutting Myself Some Slack

  1. Good luck on Sunday! You’ll do great! And the excitement will get you through it!

  2. Can’t wait until Sunday. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day! Just think of an icy cold beer at the finish line!

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