Back to Normal

Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this way?

Boston has been beyond beautiful this week. Today it’s supposed to hit a high of 80 degrees. 80 degrees in MARCH?!

Yesterday a few coworkers and I took advantage and ventured out of the stuffy office for some lunch al fresco. Best decision ever. My manager also held one of our weekly meetings outside. 9:30 am and already warm enough to have a meeting outside. Also, best decision ever.

Warm days also mean  cold breakfasts. Overnight oats in a jar tupperware are back.

Things have been pretty low key over in Sarah-land ever since the marathon this past weekend. I did my first real workout last night – my normal Wednesday night spin class. My spin instructor was not there since she had her baby! Apparently, she emailed everyone at the gym on Thursday morning saying, “Yeah, I’m not feeling too great today. I probably won’t be teaching tonight.” And then the next day, she had a daughter. I sure hope I’m like that; working out until the bitter end. She gave birth a week early, too. It must have been all that spin!

I think Friday might be my entrance back into running. I have a 5k in about 3 weeks, so I can’t stop completely. I plan on keeping my running schedule the same, running 3 days a week, but just at a decreased intensity in terms of distance. I plan on incorporating some speed work over the next few weeks to get my legs moving for the 5k. Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing for the next few months until half-marathon #2 training begins in August. I’m excited.

On tap for this weekend:

  • Dinner at Bernie’s parents’ tonight. 🙂
  • Painting! Bernie and I are going to finally finish painting his condo. It’s been such a process, but it will finally be done!
  • Boston Restaurant Week date night on Friday at Mooo. Steak=happy boyfriend.
  • Sleep. I haven’t slept past 8am on a weekend morning in a long time. It’s going to be glorious.


Readers: Has the weather been unseasonable where you live this March? How have you been enjoying it? What do you have on tap for this weekend – I want to know!