WIAW #1: My First {What I Ate Wednesday}

When I first started reading healthy living blogs, I noticed that many bloggers post the meals that they eat throughout the day on their blogs everyday. From these posts, I’ve gotten some really good ideas for recipes and creative meal ideas.

Overnight Oats in a Jar -- what is that?!

I don’t do this. While I occasionally talk about my eats and my mentality on healthy eating, I don’t regularly post a list of meals that I eat throughout a given day or week. This is because, honestly – it takes time and I’m lazy/busy. I didn’t intend for this blog to become a ‘food blog’, but since I’ve learned so much from other blogs in terms of healthy meal ideas and eating whole food is such an important piece of the healthy lifestyle pie, I thought I would start posting food more often.

Which leads me to my FIRST WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post! I found out about WIAW from my fellow bloggers and from Jenn’s blog, Peas & Crayons. Head over to her blog and check it out!

Now for the eats. The rules of WIAW are that you post your eats from a whole day (any day, doesn’t have to be Wednesday). So without further ado…my eats from Tuesday:

Breakfast: plain Chobani with a tsp of fig butter mixed in, blackberries, and Bob’s Red Mill granola on top for added crunch.

Lunch: mixed greens topped with chopped cucumbers, red onion, and a chickpea salad. When Bernie and I were in Italy, we found a place that had this amazing chickpea salad of chickpeas, chopped tomato, onion, and peppers, olive oil, salt, pepper, tuna, and cilantro (at least those were the ingredients I could taste). I replicated it by using TJ’s fresh salsa (chopped onion, cilantro, tomato, peppers) chickpeas, EVOO, salt, and pepper to taste. It’s amazing on its own or topped on a salad. Also with lunch was roasted sweet potato and onion from dinner last night.

(sorry for the non-creative/pretty non-existent plates. This is how I pack my lunch for work.)

I snacked during the afternoon on a couple of these babies!

Dinner: Amy’s Vegetable and Lentil soup and a grilled sandwich on Ezekiel bread with roasted turkey, muenster cheese, and dijon mustard. Hit the spot!

What are some of your favorite eats lately? I’m obsessed with fig butter lately – so good!


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  1. Your salad looks fantastic 🙂 Not sure why but I have never thought to put chickpeas on my salad, great idea! I also love oats in a jar. I just wish I had the patience to finish the peanut butter before filling it with oats. YUM.

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