Weekend in Review: Photo Edition

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover weekend! I spent this weekend doing many things including running for the first time since I injured my foot (so far, so good!), celebrating Steph’s 24th birthday, Easter at Bernie’s parents’ house, and putting a few unwanted holes in walls. Here’s some pictures from the weekend to catch you up a bit.

Photos of Easter in New York via my sister. Missed them!

My Easter in MA with Bernie:


How did you spend this weekend? Do anything fun? Share!


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review: Photo Edition

    • Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Yeah, I missed my family too. I got to facetime with them for a little while and see my cousin’s daughter who is now RUNNING and TALKING! Craziness! They grow up so fast. The wonders of technology!

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