Boston Fever

Boston has been hit with marathon fever!

Every April, the city begins to develop a certain buzz around the famous marathon. Television channels have been running commercials about their upcoming marathon coverage, blog posts and articles are showing up in the local papers, and my neighborhood is FILLED with runners every weekend mornings.

Every year, I seem to miss the marathon for various reasons. The Boston Marathon always falls on Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts state holiday that commemorates the first battles of the Revolutionary War. Schools are closed, city businesses are closed, and some offices are closed. When I was in college, we always had Patriot’s Day off. I always wanted to spend it by making my way to Copley Square to watch the race, but I never made it. School work, part time jobs, and other things always got in my way.

There’s something about the marathon that’s really special to the city. The marathon is such a storied race with a rich history of marathon stories – it’s the world’s oldest annual race, the challenges of Heartbreak Hill, the “scream tunnel” at Wellesley College, team Hoyt (who actually ran the New Bedford Half with me – and I saw them!!), Rosie Ruiz, and much more. It’s awe inspiring to watch the runners push themselves to the limit, both mentally and physically.

This year, my roommate Steph and I are going to watch the marathon for the first time ever! We’ll be watching from the Brookline area of the race. I feel like it’s the perfect location. The runners will have just finished going through Heartbreak Hill, and at the Brookline point of the race, they have about 4 miles left. The runners are going to need all the support that they can get – and we’re going to give it to them!

Steph and I are also running the B.A.A 5k the day before the race and will be attending the Marathon race expo. I’m super excited!! Running races always gets me super pumped about running more, and I can’t wait to be inspired to keep running.

Another story that is part of the famous Boston lore is the story of the first female runner ever to enter the marathon: Kathrine Switzer. In 1967, Kathrine entered the race using the name K.V. Switzer. Not realizing the name was that of a woman, no one noticed and Kathrine ran the race and finished. I saw this NPR quick story and video about Kathrine and learned something I had never known – she was almost physically pushed off the course by a race organizer. Check it out – it’s a pretty amazing story. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 40 or so years since women were allowed to run marathons. It seems that women dominate at running races as much as men these days – it’s definitely an equalizing sport and I love it!


Are you running Boston this year or know someone who is? Would you ever want to run Boston?  Have you ever watched the marathon in person? What do you find most inspiring about running?


Them’s Fighting Words

Who’s excited for the Super Bowl?! Patriots fever has hit New England. All the media outlets in Boston have been talking about it non-stop. Even the “make way for duckings” statues are ready. Someone put Gronkowski t-shirts on them. So cute!

[photo source]

But while we bow down to the house that Belichick built, Giants fever has also hit New York. This has been made even more apparent to me from an email chain that I’ve been included on this week. My godfather, Bob, is a CRAZY Giants fan. Growing up, I always associated the Giants with “Uncle Bob”. He actually knew a lot of the players and would go to Giants training camp every summer at SUNY Albany. It was religion.

All this week, he’s been sending out photos of himself with past Giants “Super Bowl heroes”. I think someone is getting pumped for the game. I thought I would share with you guys some of the photos.

This is my uncle Bob with Harry Carson, Hall of Famer and #53 on the ’86 Championship team.

Here he is with Mark Bravo in Nov. 1986 before Superbowl win.

Here he is with George Martin in August 2006 at training camp. Note that he’s wearing the Super Bowl ring on the right hand.

Finally, here is Uncle Bob with Free Safety Myron Guyton.

So there you have it – Uncle Bob’s photos so far. I think he’s trying to intimidate me and my team, but it won’t work. Someone will have to be victorious on Sunday, while it’s going to be a close game, I think it will ultimately be the Pats. Sorry Uncle Bob.


Who do you think is going to win the big game? Have you ever met a football player?

A Stroke of Good Luck

Congratulations to the New England Patriots who defeated the Baltimore Ravens last night! We’re going to the Superbowl!

Last night, Bernie, his roommate, and I watched the game with baited breath. I think everyone in New England was worried. Brady didn’t play his best game, and both our defense and offense were missing completely. Brady had one of the most important plays of the game: his very graceful swan dive for a touchdown. I’m in shock that he wasn’t broken in half when he landed.


The biggest stroke of luck of the night was when Billy Cundiff missed the 32-yard field goal with 11 seconds of the game left. As they were setting up the field goal kick, I turned to Bernie and said, “Watch, he’s gonna miss it like the B.C. game we saw”. I was referring to a Boston College football game that we went to this Fall where the kicker missed the field goal with 10 seconds or so left in the game, causing the Eagles to lose the game. Before I knew it, it happened. Cundiff missed it, by A LOT. I think every person in New England were in shock. That never happens! No one misses a 32 yard field goal! Talk about luck. Brady was NOT good last night, and he later admitted to it saying he “sucked tonight”, and it was gonna be a tough OT if the Ravens kicker made the field goal. After the missed kick heard ’round the world happened, Bernie and his roommate were both in shock. With mouths agape, they looked at each other and cheered. We’re going to the Superbowl!? This picture of Vince Wilfork just standing on the field pretty much summed it up perfectly. Awesome.


It was also a great day for Boston sports — not only did the Patriots win, but the Bruins won in overtime and Celtics won (finally). Good day.

Being from New York, the Giants are a big deal. My family is actually a Jets family, but I have extended family that cheer for the Giants. This Superbowl is going to be the ultimate re-match from the ’08 loss to the Giants. I was actually home in NY during that game and cheered on the Giants. Oh, how time has changed! Everyone in New England was in mourning after that game, so emotions are running pretty high right now. We’ll see what the next 2 weeks bring, but I cannot wait!

Did you watch either football game last night? Who were you rooting for? Who do you think will win the Superbowl?

Fun fact: I was actually born on Superbowl Sunday in 1988. The Superbowl was also on my birthday in ’93 and ’99, but I only remember celebrating in ’99.