Plan B

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! I’ve been super busy over here. Friday night consisted of bowling and bar hopping for a friend’s birthday. Saturday, Bernie and I went to New Hampshire with his mom to look at furniture. We were on the hunt for a kitchen table for his condo, and wanted to look at bedroom sets. Over the course of the day, I started to notice my lower back acting up. I had issues with it a month or so ago, which is when I made the decision to see a chiropractor. He told me that my back was acting up because of tight hips. He gave me some stretches to work on and I’ve been pain free ever since. But I think the mix of standing all day, and standing the night before caused my hips to go out of whack. I couldn’t wait to get home and stretch!

Once we got home, it was too late to go to the gym, so I just foam rolled a ton and stretched. I found a ton of knots and worked them out, but I realized that doing my long run the next day might not be the best idea.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling really exhausted, so I turned off my alarm and slept until 12:00. My body must have needed it, because I felt completely rested when I finally woke up. I was pretty pissed about having to miss my long run on Sunday, but I knew that because I had Monday off I could make it up then. So I decided to make Sunday my “Saturday” and Monday my “Sunday”.

After a day of doing life things (tons of laundry, cleaned the whole apartment) I went to the gym to do some cross training. After 15 minutes on the elliptical, I tried out Julie’s jump rope circuit, but I tweaked it just a little bit.

I ended up replacing some of the mountain climbers and high knees with side steps squats using a resistance band, and did kettle bell swings instead of one-leg hops. I did the whole circuit two times through and got nice and sweaty! Those 1min mountain climbers were tough! It felt good to move and my back felt 100 times better.

So that leaves me to this morning: the morning of plan B. I just finished fueling up with pb toast and half a banana, coffee, and water. I haven’t gotten sick of this meal!

I’m off to run 8 miles! See ya later!